A whole part of living in a condominium is the simplification of your life- this means no more staring at the lawn and deciding when to cut or fertilize. HOA’s cover all of the details.

So what do HOA fees cover?

• Exterior and common area maintenance and cleaning

• Landscape Maintenance – the grass will always be greener here and all you have to do is enjoy

• Most of the heating and cooling costs – INCLUDING the bulk of the costs associated with heating and cooling your residence! Ask us how this is possible!

• Common domestic hot water system, gas, water, Utvalget hos PlayHippo Casino b?rer dog ingen preg av det, siden de har de beste spillene fra tre forskjellige verdener. sewer, trash- you pay for telephone, internet, TV service, and electricity outside of HOA fees

• Building and common area insurance- you only need a policy to cover you for your walls in, which is most likely much less than you pay now!

• Pool & Spa, Gym, Meeting Room, Club Room, and Guest Suite* operations

• Reserve accounts

• Property management fees
Fees are presently $3.86 per square foot of your residence area per year.
*Nightly rental rate for guest suites is $35/night

Let us take care of the details- you enjoy the simple life!