Some great news for bike riders!

Boise has always been a bit bike-friendly. But with new plans to expand sidewalks and bicycle paths for the Central Bench in Boise, the city is becoming even more bike friendly.

In August, an aggressive new plan to introduce more pedestrian and bicycle friendly feature to the neighborhood of Crescent Rim will be unveiled. The City Council will be asked to consider a recommendation to introduce as many as 129 sidewalk projects and 57 bicycle projects to the neighborhood.

These projects will provide even more bike routes around Crescent Rim, and make existing paths safer. Take advantage of the bike storage and spend some of your free days biking around our wonderful city!

Source: http://www.boiseweekly.com/CityDesk/archives/2012/08/26/scores-of-new-sidewalks-bicycle-paths-proposed-for-central-bench