Here at Crescent Rim we often hear concerns about space: Will all my stuff fit here? Where will my guests stay? Is there even room for my bike?


Will all my stuff fit here?: Since our residences run from 987 to 3,005 square feet, the answer to the question, “Will all my stuff fit in here” is “Probably not”. But that’s not a bad thing. Simplifying allows for you to keep what you truly treasure and use. And even better, it means fewer boxes for you to unpack when you arrive at Crescent Rim!


Where will my guests stay?: One of the coolest and understated features of Crescent Rim is that there are 2 GUEST SUITES available by reservation.  Each of the guest suites is like a luxury hotel room and includes most of the features you enjoy in your own residence. Guests will love the comfortable queen-sized bed, kitchenette with mini fridge, coffee maker, and sink, and the beautifully appointed bathroom – all within their own private suite.


Is there even room for my bike?: With a premium location so close to downtown and Boise’s most beautiful parks and greenbelt system, we anticipated that many of Crescent Rim’s residences would make great use of bikes as a mode of transportation and recreation. Crescent Rim has an entire room devoted to bike storage. The secure room provides wall mounted bike storage on the ground floor. This means no wrestling with your bike in the hallways. Accessed by a key fob, the bike storage is located right next to the main doors of the building. Now there really is no excuse to not take advantage of the nearby Greenbelt!


Crescent Rim also has ways to provide you with additional storage. There are onsite storage spaces in the building, and one will be assigned to you when you move in. And there are even more great options available for storage: limited spaces in the underground parking can be bought and converted into storage. Storage cabinets in the garage is genius!


So yes, you can simplify….and still have it all!!