by Brad Barker, Group One – ┬áThe upper end is getting healthier and we need more good listings! Group One has had 47 pending or closed transactions through the first half of the year with prices above $500,000. Group One agents also listed and sold the only transaction in over a year above $1 million.

Six Month Review.

Both pendings and closings for the first six months in Ada County were 98% of the totals from the same period last year. Pendings in the last two months, May and June, were 26% higher than pendings for the same two months of 2010 when the tax credit had ended. In Canyon County, closings were 29% higher and pendings 14% higher than in the first six months of 2010. Pendings in the last two months were 36% higher than printings in May and June (the non tax credit months) last year.

Inventory has decreased in the last year from 7 months to 5 months in Ada County and from 6.8 months to only 4.2 months in Canyon County and there is less than one month’s supply of bank owned properties in both counties.

Detailed market statistics can be found here