WHEN: February 8th, 6-9p


  • Discussion on Environment: Berryhill
  • Discussion on Enterprise: Payette Brewing
  • Discussion on Community: Leku Ona

COST: Free, but consider supporting local business by buying at the locations


Boise is 150 this year. And to celebrate, there have been many local events. This months events are facilitated discussions on the themes of Boise 150 (Community, Environment and Enterprise). Chat with friends and patrons as well as scholars from Boise State University.

At the Discussion on the Environment at Berryhill, Dr. Lisa Brady will be present.

At the Discussion on Enterprise at Payette Brewing, Dr. Kent Neupert will be present.

At the discussion on our Community at Leku Ona, Dr. John Bieter and Dr. David Lachiondo will be present.

The drinking starts at 6p and the thinking starts at 7p.


Co-presented by the Boise City Department of Arts & History and the Idaho Humanities Council