This weekend, The Idaho Statesman published a story about Crescent Rim and the joys of simplifying your life.


Calling Crescent Rim a cross between “a condo and a single-family home,” Developer Bill Clark spoke of his inspiration to build Crescent Rim as homes with “a classic, timeless design that won’t be outdated 20 years from now.” This sentiment was echoed by new residents Dick and Betty Heaton who said “Everything about the home feels like it’s forever.”


The Heaton’s also noted that many of their friends have complimented them on being ahead of the curve in terms of simplifying their lifestyle. “This [simplifying] frees you from being controlled by your home,” Dick said. “It’s what you need, rather than what your home needs.”

This brief summary does not do the story justice. To read the entire story, go here:
The Statesman also took photos of Crescent Rim. View the online photo gallery here: