Business Incubators
Got a great business idea? With a number of business incubators ready to help, Boise is the perfect place to bring those ambitions to life! A business incubator can be described as programs set up by a government, business alliance or academic group though
a variety of services & training. The intent is to help small companies have a better chance of survival through the start-up phase. Services may include:   • Reduced rate office space.  • Office services:  Reception, conf. rooms, computers & office equip.  • Entrepreneurial advice & mentoring.  • Business Planning & adjustment consulting: Business plans are dynamic & constantly need
to be adjusted to fit the market. • Contacts & Networking: The biggest advantage of an incubator is its access to experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals who can answer questions, provide guidance and resources.

Many entrepreneurs often wonder if a more experienced competitor will beat them to the punch or have an advantage. A lack of experience can be the difference between success and failure if left unattended at the critical early development stage, when a
step in the wrong direction can cost precious time and money.

New ventures face challenging odds for survival. Gaining acceptance into a business incubator can increase your potential success rate from 44% to a whopping 87%! Improving your odds for success is a number one goal for any early-stage development company.

There are at least 6 business incubators and/or accelerators in the Treasure Valley. (Accelerators share most of the characteristics of incubators, however the incubation period is very short and intense. Sponsors provide initial funding & expertise to those who  can demonstrate a great product idea & in return, may take a small equity stake in the new business.)

Boise State’s Tech & Entrepreneurial Center (208.562.3636) has given direct support to more than 150 companies. It is dedicated to the development, growth & success of technology companies, offering them the expertise, networks & tools they need to succeed.

The Greenhouse (208- 426-3875) welcomes all early-stage companies but preference is given to those focused on alternative
/renewable energy – including solar, wind, geothermal, or other energy sources. Smart & trendy computer geeks, take a look at Nebula Shift – an accelerator that assists those interested in web software. For a small stake in your business they provide
capital, business knowledge, experience, contract and infrastructure support, marketing & sales training & business seminars – just to name a few! Email them atinfo@nebula-shift.com .

If you’re a foodie, you may want to check out the The University of Idaho’s Food Technology Center in Caldwell. Their mission is to provide a multi-use facility where individuals & food companies can receive comprehensive business, technical & educational assistance to develop or improve their food business. Geared toward both the very beginner and those further along in their business venture, a portion of the facility is available for rent to individuals or companies that wish to produce their own specialty foods in a certified commercial kitchen. Check it out at www.cals.uidaho.edu/FTC/index.htm .

The WaterCooler, targeting creative & innovative companies, was started at 14th and Idaho streets by BoDo developer Mark Rivers in 2008 & is a community based non-profit. They have 7,500 square feet of offices, meeting rooms, cubicles, & event space & provide their residents with a home that encourages collaboration & offers mentoring, community engagement, growth, and

Since not all business incubators are alike, if you have a specialized idea for a business, find the incubator that best suits your requirements.  If a program seems interesting to you, be prepared to submit a business plan for review to determine whether or not you meet their criteria for admission. Incubators carefully screen potential businesses because their space, equipment, and
finances are limited, & they want to nurture businesses with the best possible chance for success.

With all this help available at your fingertips, you have no excuse not to go out there and make that dream of yours a reality!