March 25-29, 2015

Treefort Music Festival


Who doesn’t love live music? Lots and lots of live music! Boise quickly embraced this neoclassic, fourth annual festival of music for days with multiple venues all over downtown Boise, as one of it’s favorite festivals ever. Visitors travel from all around to see these artists perform in one of the coolest cities on the planet (yes!) and we get play host. Locals and visitors alike RAVE about this fun week and plan time off around their favorite artists. It seems like, for the week at least, that everyone is cooler. In collaboration with this event, several equally worthy “forts” spring up. Our favorite is probably HACKFORT, but we love Yogafort, too!  We have totally planned our music week- March 25-29th. Meet us there, and plan yours too, at the link above!