Chinese New Year Must-Haves for the Home

The rooster rules the Chinese zodiac roost in Lunar New Year 2017, also known as Chinese New Year. As the 10th animal zodiac sign of the lunar calendar, it takes over from the mischievous monkey, the animal for 2016. (Read more about the Chinese animal…

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Ditch the snow shovel and join us!

Wow, this winter wonderland is amazing! While we enjoy reading everyone's posts about shoveling their driveway, we are sitting back and enjoying hot chocolate by the fire and enjoying the view. Throw away your snow shovel and join us - Viva Crescent Rim life!

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Stop by and get your holiday on tonight!

As we wind down the year and reflect on all of the exciting things that happened in 2016, we are thankful for the amazing people that we have met along the way - you've made it a truly special year. If you should find yourself in town this week, please join us for...

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Let the Party Season Begin!

Thinking about hosting a fabulous soiree this year? Whether you are hosting Christmas, Hanukah or Festivus, here are some amazing recipes and hosting ideas from our friends over at Epicurious.com. They make entertaining a snap!

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