A landmark innovative agreement between the City of Boise and Rocky Mountain Development has allowed a local company to
remain and grow in downtown Boise. The $2 million in improvements of the under-used building at 705 S. 8th Street (behind the main Library) , led by the Office of Economic Development and Rocky Mountain,  renovated an empty dilapidated warehouse previously used to store books for the adjacent main library, into a vibrant & integral part of a revitalized downtown Boise.

Biomark, a local company that makes electronic tags and monitoring devices for fish and wildlife, teamed with Rocky Mountain to find a home in the newly renovated building.

Keeping innovative companies like Biomark and its 30-plus jobs in our community is an important goal.  Founded in 1990 by Donn & Retta Park, Biomark has been in Boise since 1991 and they chose our city because of its accessibility to the Rocky Mountains and its great quality of life. As the worldwide leader in radio frequency monitoring products for fish and wildlife
research, they have set the gold standard for their innovative and reliable product line. Not only is their head office located in Boise but they also manufacture & assemble the antennae’s & readers onsite at their new facility.

As one of the companies honored by Inc. Magazine with the 2010 Top Small Company Workplace award, Biomark is not only
gainfully employing people and families but providing an environment where both individuals and the company are integrally involved in making a difference in our community.

Keeping these kinds of businesses as a part of our Treasure Valley is just another reason we have strong and connected
communities, full of the values and progress that make this Valley a place we love to call home!